Dear Company  : We would like to introduce our Fashion Study design  and realization of patterns, as we are creating the customers list for the new seazon. We are a Fashion Studio placed in Padova Italy ,and with a branch office in Greece and in Hong Kong .Our subject is the projection of exclusive collections regsrding Fur garments of all the existing fur material such as : mink,sable,chinchilla,fox,shearling leather,textile mix furs. we are studingthe collection startingfrom the design-collors and passing through the pattern and the accessories. we do also studing personalized accessories regarding our collections, buttons and lining with logo.Our customers with collections designed by us partecipating in many fairs and events. *MIFUR Italy * MEXA  Moscow* HONG KONG *ISTAMBUL*BEIJING*SHANGHAI* COREA*CHINA *KASTORIA Greece* ATHENS Grecia*and internationa fashions GALA SHOWS.